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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality and HVAC Efficiency


Most people think of indoor comfort and focus on furniture and appliances like air conditioners and heaters. But your indoor air quality has as much of an impact on your comfort and health. Read on to learn how to improve indoor air quality and HVAC efficiency to enjoy cleaner air and lower energy bills in Arlington, VA.

Change the HVAC Air Filter

This is the easiest task every homeowner can complete to improve indoor air quality and maintain high HVAC efficiency. That’s because your HVAC system’s filter stops particle pollutants from collecting on its internal components and recirculating your home. As a result, it prevents strain and poor indoor air quality.

Install an Air Purifier

While a clean HVAC air filter does a good job of filtering contaminants, it doesn’t trap the tiniest particle pollutants. That’s why you need an added layer of protection, and a whole-home air purifier provides it.

Invest in Whole-Home Ventilation

Stale indoor air will impact comfort and promote biological growth, harming indoor air quality and your health. A whole-home ventilation system can exhaust stale indoor air and replace it with fresh air from outside.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Nothing beats a professional’s training and experience in handling your HVAC system. You should aim to schedule maintenance for your air conditioner in the spring and again in the fall for your heater. With routine professional HVAC maintenance, your air conditioning and heating systems will operate efficiently and help keep the air clean.

Don’t let poor IAQ impact your comfort and, most importantly, your health. Let our team of HVAC professionals help you get the most out of your HVAC system and arm your home with the right IAQ solutions. Contact Burns Heating & Air LLC to learn more about how we can do that or schedule an in-person consultation.

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