4 Easy Ways to Care for Your HVAC System So It Cares for Your Comfort

Nearly every homeowner in Arlington, VA, relies on an HVAC system to enjoy air conditioning and heating throughout the year. While HVAC systems differ in how they operate and their features, they share one thing in common: They require regular maintenance to operate at peak efficiency. While homeowners should leave most tasks to a professional, there are some you can do yourself. Here are four of them:

Change the Air Filter

Changing the air filter is an easy yet often overlooked HVAC maintenance task. Air filters prevent particle pollutants from circulating through your HVAC system. As a result, they protect it from damage. They also help to maintain good indoor air quality. Change your HVAC system’s air filter every month to preserve its efficacy.

Clean Around the Outdoor Unit

Neglecting your outdoor air can spell trouble for your efficiency and comfort levels. Take a walk outside to inspect the outdoor component of your HVAC system. Clear any debris that has gathered on top of it, and make sure it has about two feet of clearance on each side. To avoid injury, don’t inspect the inside of the outdoor unit yourself.

Avoid Extreme Thermostat Changes

Slow and steady is the most efficient way to operate your HVAC system. If it’s hot outside, don’t crank your air conditioner down to the lowest setting. Conversely, don’t crank your heater up when it’s cold. Doing this strains your HVAC system. As a result, it leads to higher energy bills and more frequent breakdowns over its lifespan.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Scheduling professional HVAC maintenance is vital to maintaining comfortable indoor conditions without paying more than you need. Burns Heating & Air LLC provides all the HVAC maintenance services you need to take care of your air conditioner and heater. To schedule maintenance for your HVAC system, call Burns Heating & Air LLC.

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