5 Signs You Have a Refrigerant Leak in Your Heat Pump

Just like an air conditioner, your heat pump relies on refrigerant to operate. Low refrigerant levels due to a leak aren’t uncommon. Here are a few signs that your heat pump in Leesburg, VA, has a refrigerant leak:

Gurgling Noises

Strange noises coming from your heat pump are always a reason to call a professional. That’s because they often signify the need for repair. A gurgling noise may happen due to refrigerant bubbling as it leaks out of the system.

Puddles of Liquid

Pools of liquid under and around your heat pump mean something is leaking. Unless there’s another unit nearby that could be the true source of the puddles, like a humidifier, it’s likely a refrigerant leak.

Ice on the System

Your heat pump uses refrigerant to absorb heat in the evaporator coils. If this heat isn’t absorbed and taken in, a slow buildup of frost and icing occurs, slowing down the system.

Poor Heating and Cooling

Refrigerant plays an important role in both the heating and cooling process of your heat pump. Low levels will often mean a poor performance of either task, with the system blowing nothing but lukewarm air. In this situation, the first thing that a service technician will check is the refrigerant level, which is often the culprit.

Rising Energy Bills

The buildup of frost and ice on your heat pump slowly damages parts, causing it to work harder as a way to compensate. This, in turn, uses more energy and causes a steady uptick in heating and cooling bills. It also places more wear and tear on the system, possibly leading to a premature replacement.

Do you suspect that your heat pump is leaking refrigerant? Call the experts at Burns Heating & Air LLC to ask us about our heat pump repair services. We look forward to solving your heat pump problems!

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