Burns Heating & Air LLC offers free estimates for the purchase of new heating and cooling equipment and installation. We carry all major brands and accessories. If your heating and cooling systems are not performing like they used to or are really old, call Burns Heating & Air LLC today and schedule an appointment with one of our comfort advisors. Let them help you by answering all your concerns. We can help you find the perfect heating and cooling systems to install in your home.

Air Conditioner

Burns Heating & Air LLC knows the secret our competition doesn’t want you to know! For 30 years, we have been providing top-quality heating and cooling solutions to the greater Waterford area and we discovered that most homes are not insulated enough — especially in the attic. Energy conservation groups recommend your attic insulation should be R60 in the Virginia area. Most homes are under-insulated because local code has not caught up with the times, and builders follow local building code. Heat travels to the coldest spots in your home and radiates through the ceiling into your bedrooms, and even down to the lower levels, causing your system to run longer. In some cases, it may not keep up on hotter days, causing failures from being overworked.  This happens a lot more than you would think. So you see, it’s not enough just to put a highly energy-efficient heating and cooling system in your home. You may need more insulation. Burns Heating & Air LLC is now developing a program to assist in making your home more comfortable while protecting your equipment from being overworked. Coming soon, we will be offering attic insulation and duct sealing to make your home even more energy-efficient.


It’s All in the Details
Air purification systems have come a long way. If you have bad allergies, asthma, or maybe you suffer from pet dander or other VOC’S in your home, then you should consider installing an air purification system. A high-quality air purification system can reduce germs and pollen as much as 98% while helping you to breath easier and potentially reducing asthma attacks and allergies. Call Burns Heating and Air LLC and speak to one of our Home Comfort Advisors to learn more.